ok: the easiest way to play it...seeing how it's played in 5th formations it can be played in 3 differentpositions -------------------- -------------------- -12-12---9-11------- -12-12-9-9-11------- -10-10-9-7--9------- -------7------------ ok this played with a wah-wah and you'll have to listen to how this is done properly. this is also repeated a few times...couldn't be bothered counting so you can work it out. next bit: --------------------- --------------------- -----9-9-11-11------- -9-9-9-9-11-11------- -9-9-7-7--9--9------- -7-7----------------- and yet again this is done with a wah-wah but i'm not sure how the rythm actually goes (cause i'm lazy) and cause my friend is borrowing my wah pedal at the moment (it's going to sit on the stage of festival hall...right where larry lalonde's wah would have sat! oh joy) and again you repeat this (about twice as many times as the first bit) and again i don't know how many times. next: i don't think this part is right...and i don't have my wah pedal so can't work it out correctly. but i'm sure it's either this chord played over and over : ------------------- ------------------- -12---------------- -12---------------- -10---------------- ------------------- or it's the above chord played with a little variation or it's this chord: ----------------- --13------------- --12------------- --10------------- ----------------- ----------------- which to anyone that knows their theory is the same chord but up 5 frets. oky doky. oh by the way...i don't expect any of this tab to be correct, am after all just a guitarist. :) Daniel Bischa