Spiderbait Discography

Shashavaglava (Yugoslavian for dickhead) was recorded in October 1992 and was released in 1993. Before this their first record "Circle K/Constipation" was released on 7 inch vinyl in Feburary 1991. Then later that year in November the EP "P'TangYangKipperBangUh" (named after a nostalgic British film) was released. Circle K 1. Circle K 2. Constipation (Live) P'TangYangKipperBangUh 1. Scenester 2. Footy 3. Another Brick in the Head 4. Old Man Sam 5. Invisible Man 6. K.C.R. 7. Fucken Ace ShaShaVaGlava 1. Word I Said 2. Too Much 3. 7 Zark 7 4. Run 5. Bergerac 6. Ol' Man Sam 7. B & T 8. Boys at the Beak 9. Shakespeare's Tacklebox 10. ShaShaVaGlava 11. Scenester 12. Footy 13. Another Brick in the Head 14. Old Man Sam 15. Invisible Man 16. K.C.R. 17. Fucken Ace Run 1. Run (LP Version) 2. Old Man Sam (LP Version) 3. Bergerac (Live for Triple J) 4. Run (Live for Triple J) 5. Too Much (Live for Triple J) 6. Herbie (Previously unreleased) 7. Run (Live) 8. Ol' Man Sam (Live) 9. Shasahvaglava (Live) 10. Old Man Sam (Live)

The Unfinished Spanish Galleon of Finley Lake (is the name of a rotary project that wasn't finished and is now an under-age drinking site) was recorded between the months of September 1994 to March 1995 and then released in October 1995 The Unfinished Spanish Galleon of Finley Lake 1. i gotta know 2. sam gribbles 3. monty 4. who are the freemasons 5. riot 6. spanish galleon 7. jesus 8. chuck picola 9. yeah oh yeah 10. ooga booga 11. goal 12. detective The Dodgy Live Disc 1. Run (Live For Triple J) 2. Yeah oh Yeah (Live) 3. Ooga Booga (Live) 4. Beaureguard Bennett (Live) 5. Alex The Seal (Live for Triple J) Singles. Jesus 1. Jesus 2. Home Monty 1. Monty (LP Version) 2. We came to see the other band play 3. Jesus (Demo Version) I Gotta Know 1. I Gotta Know 2. Alex the Seal (Live for Triple J) 3. Goal (sennamix) 4. Pergatory City (Previously unreleased) 5. Goal (escobamix) 6. Detective (ricecakemix, previously unreleased) Sam Gribbles 1. Sam Gribbles (LP Version) 2. B-Side The Sea 3. B-Side Yourself 4. B-Side On Adventure 5. Sam Gribbles (Hey Mr. Tambourine Man mix)

Ivy and the Big Apples is the band's latest full length effort. It was recorded in studio 301 in Sydney and RockingHorse studios in Byron Bay and released in October 1996. It was named after a lady named Ivy who lived in Finley and sold big apples. Ivy and The Big Apples 1. Chest Hair 2. Hot water & milk 3. But me a pony 4. When fusion ruled the earth 5. Calypso 6. Goin' off 7. Don't kill nipper 8. Horschack army 9. Conjunctivitis 10. Joyce's hut 11. Jasper 12. Goosh 13. Should have done what my mum always told me to 14. Hey 15. Hawaiian Nights 16. Driving up the ceiling Singles Buy me a pony 1. Buy me a pony (Was Previously called "Last Pop Song") 2. Should have done what my mum always told me to 3. The road to Urana 4. Beauregard Bennett Hot Water & Milk 1. Hot Water & Milk 2. Big furry green monster 3. Phil's essential oils 4. Conjunctivitis Calypso 1. Calypso 2. Macintosharoonie part one. 3. Kermit's Legs 4. Dotted Line Joyce's Hut/Horschack Army 1. Joyce's Hut 2. Horschack Army. 3. Joyce's Hut (Tropical Mix) 4. Horschack Army (Bubonic Mix)